Take a Nature Walk in Your Own Backyard

We love celebrating wildlife, and what better day to celebrate than National Wildlife Day? You can join us by taking a nature walk in your own backyard or local park. We even came up with some fun questions you can ask your child to get them thinking about all the animals we share our world with. Get them engaged by asking them to:

Look up! Do you see any birds in the sky or trees? How many different kinds and colors do you see?

Look down! Do you see any bugs crawling on the ground? Are there bugs deep down in the grass, climbing on the trees, or flying around? Do you recognize all of them?

Look around! Do you see any bushes, holes, or other places that might be an animal home? What kind of animal do you think lives there?

Now examine the habitat. What do you think the animals that live here need to survive? Do you see plants for them to eat, water for them to drink, and places for them to hide? If they didn't have those things, do you think they could still live there? What things are the same and which are different from what you need in your home?

We would love to see pictures or drawings of what you saw on your walk, so be sure to post and tag us on Instagram using #wildlifeexplorers! We're so excited to see what you learned.

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