Creating a Calm Corner

Hi, friends!

All are welcome here, on our journey to explore our emotions, and find a way through tough times. There are so many levels and spectrums of emotions that are hard to overcome on your own, but, with the right  tools to understand your emotions, calm down and collect yourself, things may get a little bit easier.

One of my favorite mental wellness tools, and my favorite place in our house, is my son’s “calm corner.” A calm corner is a little area you can create anywhere in your home that’s full of your favorite, comfortable things that might help make you feel better. You can create a calm corner for yourself, your kids, or for the whole family! A few helpful things to add to your calm corner would be a nice fluffy pillow or two, some twinkle lights, a cozy blanket, and your favorite books (bonus points for books that talk about emotions.) But one of the best parts of a calm corner is the cuddly friends. I know I’m writing from a company that sells stuffed animals, but my son’s calm corner simply wouldn’t be complete without his favorite plushies. 

Adults may see stuffed animals just as toys, but they’re real friends for our children, and we need friends most when we’re feeling down. Children often tell their stuffed animal friends their deepest thoughts and feelings, which is therapeutic and builds communication skills. Creating this soft, calm area for you or your child(ren) can make the biggest difference when it comes to mental health. (Seriously, you can try talking to the stuffed animals, too!)

After practicing using the calm corner a few times while your child is upset, they can then learn how to calm themselves down by going to their calm corner on their own. Learning how to calm themselves at a young age is a skill that will benefit them into adulthood 

I hope this helps you create a safe, calm place to clear minds and create a healthier, happier mental state for you and yours.

Sincerely, Maria

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I love the idea of a calm corner, for my kids and for me!

Mary September 19, 2021

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