Jenny's Interview with Women in Wildlife

Our Founder and animal expert, Jenny Curtis, Interviewed with Women in Wildlife about her passion for wildlife from a young age and how that has guided her career path. Read below to learn more about Jenny's story.

"As the Founder and President of edZOOcation™, my life’s work blends my professional expertise in wildlife education with my personal passion for animal conservation.

I’ve been interested in animal care since I was little. There was no other path for me. I went from wanting to be a vet in early elementary school to wanting to own my own animal shelter in middle school and finally landed on zookeeping in highschool.

My high school, and parents, didn’t have any information about animal careers, and eventually turned me in the biology direction for college. I landed at CSULB in the organismal biology realm after that and ended up leaving my 4 year program when I got accepted into EATM, later coming back to resume my Bachelors with a toddler and one more on the way.

When I was in the EATM program, my true calling was found in wildlife education. I loved teaching kids about animals. I loved making connections for kids with knowledge and real world experiences. One of the classes during that experience was Wildlife Conservation and from there my interests piqued as well.

edZOOcation’s mission is simple, in a calendar year, we want one million dollars donated to wildlife conservation organizations globally. It’s our 10 year goal and we’re going to get there through wildlife education, furthering our reach on protecting wildlife globally.

Conferences are a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. Networking is your best friend for career advancement and future opportunities. Keep an open mind to changes in your life and be flexible. Skills can be learned from any industry to help you in your conservation quest!"

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