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At edZOOcation, we're not just about education; we're about igniting a passion for wildlife, spreading joy through conservation, and turning your little one’s curiosity into a career that roars (or chirps, or slithers - whatever their preference!) If their heart skips a beat at the thought of spending their days surrounded by exotic creatures, you've landed in the right corner of the internet. 

Ever wonder what their career options are and how they could get there? We're sharing insider tips on how your little one can spark their wildest dreams into a lifelong adventure.

14 Types of Animal Conservation Careers

  1. Zookeepers
    Zookeepers are responsible for the daily care and well-being of exotic animals in zoos, wildlife parks, and aquariums. They feed and enrich the animals, clean enclosures, monitor health, and even assist in breeding programs.

  2. Wildlife Biologists
    Wildlife biologists study animal species in their natural habitats. They conduct research better to understand animal behavior, ecology, and conservation needs. They often work for government agencies, research institutions, or conservation organizations.

  3. Veterinarians
    Exotic animal veterinarians specialize in the medical care of exotic species, including reptiles, birds, and small mammals. They diagnose and treat illnesses, perform surgeries, and provide preventive care.

  4. Animal Trainers
    Exotic animal trainers work in various settings, including zoos and aquariums. They train animals for public presentations, educational programs, and research purposes.

  5. Wildlife Rehabilitators
    Wildlife rehabilitators care for injured or orphaned exotic and native animals with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. They provide medical treatment, nutrition, and rehabilitation.

  6. Wildlife Educators
    Wildlife educators work in outreach and education programs, teaching the public about exotic animals, conservation, and habitat protection. They often work in zoos, nature centers, or schools.

  7. Conservation Biologists
    Conservation biologists focus on preserving and protecting endangered species and their habitats. They work on research and conservation projects, often collaborating with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

  8. Aquarists
    Aquarists are responsible for the care and maintenance of exotic marine animals in aquariums. They ensure that tanks are clean, water quality is maintained, and the animals are healthy and well-fed.

  9. Herpetologists
    Herpetologists specialize in the study of reptiles and amphibians. They may work in research, conservation, or education related to these exotic animals.

  10. Ethologists
    Ethologists study animal behavior, including exotic species, to understand their natural behaviors, social structures, and communication methods. This knowledge can be applied to conservation efforts and captive animal management.

  11. Wildlife Photographers and Filmmakers
    Professionals in this field capture images and videos of exotic animals in their natural habitats for educational purposes, documentaries, and scientific research.

  12. Wildlife Sanctuary or Rescue Center Staff
    These professionals care for exotic animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, circuses, or private ownership. They provide long-term care and rehabilitation.

  13. Animal Behaviorists
    Animal behaviorists study and analyze the behavior of exotic animals to improve their welfare in captivity. They may consult with zoos, research facilities, and conservation organizations.

  14. Environmental Educators
    Environmental educators focus on teaching people, including students and the public, about exotic animals, their ecosystems, and the importance of conservation efforts.

These careers require different levels of education and experience, so it's important to research the specific requirements for the career your little one is interested in. Of course, many of these careers also involve a strong commitment to animal welfare and conservation efforts skills they can start building right now!

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