Lions Wildlife Tree edZOOcation™ Readers Book (Level 2) - Paperback

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  • Level 2: Reading Independently
  • Age Range: 6 - 9 years
  • Grade Level: 1 - 4
  • Language: English
  • Level 2 books are perfect for kids who are ready for longer sentences and more complex vocabulary. New words are defined on the page, but occasional adult help might be welcome.

Did you know lions live together in families called prides? The pride hunts for prey together! Discover the incredible secrets of these amazing African animals in this Level 2 Reader. Level 2 books teach primary grade science to children beginning to read independently.

WILDLIFE TREE edZOOcation™ READERS inspires a love for animals through reading.  The Supported Reader (Level 2) books introduce new ideas, supported by pictures, to teach more advanced scientific concepts to kids who are beginning to read more independently. 

Sara Karnoscak has had a passion for writing her whole life. She loves the opportunity to teach, entertain, and otherwise make people’s worlds a little bigger. She currently enjoys the opportunity to share her love of animals through writing.

Published by Wildlife Tree
Paperback ' June 1, 2023 ' 32 Pages ' 6 x 9 ' 6-9 years ' ISBN 9798985954463

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