Lions and Their Opposites Wildlife Tree edZOOcation™ Readers Book (Pre-Reader) - Paperback

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  • Level Pre-Reader: Early Reader
  • Age Range: 3 - 5 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool
  • Language: English
  • Pre-Reader books are great for kids just beginning to read with help.

ABOUT WILDLIFE TREE edZOOcation™ READERS: Lions and Their Opposites
Find out what makes lions unique. Help your child learn about how different animals can be in this Early Reader book. Our Early Readers use familiar ideas to teach simple scientific concepts to children ready to start learning to read.

WILDLIFE TREE edZOOcation™ READERS inspires a love for animals through reading.  Early Reader (Pre-Reader) books use pictures and familiar ideas to teach simple scientific concepts to kids just beginning to read with help.

Sara Karnoscak has had a passion for writing her whole life. She loves the opportunity to teach, entertain, and otherwise make people’s worlds a little bigger. She currently enjoys the opportunity to share her love of animals through writing.

Published by Wildlife Tree
Paperback ' June 1, 2023 ' 32 Pages ' 6 x 9 ' 3-5 years ' ISBN 9798985954470

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