Craft Kit: Owl Pellet Dissection with Bone ID Chart - Science Exploration Set for Kids

$8.95 $18.99

Dive into the fascinating world of birds of prey with our Owl Pellet Dissection Kit, designed for the curious minds of children five years and older. This hands-on science kit includes everything needed for a thorough exploration: two genuine owl pellets, a bamboo skewer, and plastic forceps for safe and easy dissection. Each kit comes with a detailed Bone ID Chart and clear instructions, making it a complete educational experience. Discover the secrets of owl diets and unravel the mysteries of food chains through an engaging, interactive process that brings science to life.

  • Complete Dissection Experience: Comes with 2 owl pellets, bamboo skewer, and plastic forceps, providing a full set of tools for a detailed examination.
  • Educational Bone ID Chart: Includes a Bone ID Chart to help young scientists identify and learn about the various bones found within the pellets.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly Tools: The included bamboo skewer and plastic forceps are safe for children to handle and environmentally conscious.
  • Interactive Learning: This offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about owl diets, habitats, and the role of owls in the ecosystem.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Clear and concise instructions guide young explorers through the dissection process, ensuring a safe and educational experience.

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