Craft Kit: Mollusk with Pearl Dissection Set

$6.95 $11.99

Description: Discover the fascinating world of mollusks with our Mollusk Dissection Kit, complete with a genuine pearl. Dive into hands-on science and exploration as you dissect these unique creatures, gaining insights into their anatomy and the marvel of nature's hidden treasures.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Kit for Kids: Includes precision dissection tools for a thorough examination.
  2. Real Pearl: Each kit contains a beautiful, genuine freshwater pearl for an added touch of wonder.
  3. Educational Experience: Perfect for students, teachers, and enthusiasts curious about marine life.
  4. High-Quality Tools: Instruments ensure precise dissection.
  5. Step into Nature's Laboratory: Explore the intricate world of freshwater mussels and their pearls in the comfort of your home or classroom.

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