Year of the Turtle

Box Turtle

Turtles and tortoises are among the world's most endangered vertebrates, with about half of their more than 300 species threatened with extinction. The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is a nonprofit organization fighting to save turtles and habitats all over the world.

Formed in 2001 in partnership with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Turtle Survival Alliance has become recognized as a leader in the global fight for turtle conservation, with a mission of “transforming passion for turtles into conservation action,” and a goal of zero turtle extinctions. Since their start, they are now a part of projects to save endangered species from India to Cambodia to Belize, as well as right here in North America. In 2013 they opened their Turtle Survival Center in South Carolina that is home to thirty of the most important turtle and tortoise species in the world, providing a safe place to protect irreplaceable representatives of species, including some that are no longer found in the wild. 

Turtles can be found on every continent, except Antarctica. TSA provides great example on how you can help turtle species right in your own backyard. 

  • If you see a turtle in the wild, appreciate it from a distance and leave it there. Many hatchlings do not make it to adulthood, and they are slow to mature, so each individual plays an important role on local populations. 
  • Look into local community or river cleanups. Healthy turtle species start with a healthy habitat. 
  • Become a member of Turtle Survival Alliance. Get TSA newsletters to stay up to date on projects, new developments, and laws that are being proposed to save turtles everywhere. Click here to sign up. 

Turtles play an important ecological role in maintaining healthy ecosystems, and losing native species around the world can have an effect that may create an irreversible change. Together we can help create a world where all living things can thrive. 



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