Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossils

Making your own dinosaur fossils is fun and easy. All you need is a basic salt dough, which can be made with ingredients you probably already have at your house. You’ll also need plastic dinosaur toys, or even shells, to use to make your impressions.

Salt Dough Ingredients:

1 cup of salt

2 cups all-purpose flour

3/4 cups water

Small toy dinosaurs or shells

Makes enough dough to make about 5 fossils.


Mix salt and flour in a bowl. Add water and knead dough thoroughly until smooth. Dough will be sticky at first. If the dough feels too dry, add more water. If it feels too wet, add more flour.

Roll dough into 10 small balls and then flatten with your hand to about a 1/2 inch, to 1 inch thick.

Press the toy or shell firmly into the dough to make your impression. Use a different toy or shell with each piece of dough to make unique fossils.

Let the dough harden by leaving it out to air dry for several days or bake at 350° for 45 minutes and let cool.

For even more fun, bury your dried fossils in a plastic bin of dirt or sand and let your little one practice their paleontologist skills and dig them out.


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