Peppermint Narwhal 2024 Calendar

$17.95 $22.95

Lions and tigers and bears... and penguins, whales, amphibians, lemurs, sloths, bats, otters, rhinos, manatees, iguanas, birds, mules, giraffes, orangutans, fish, wolves, pandas, elephants, snakes, sharks, ... and that's just a sample!

Peppermint Narwhal celebrates conservation through creativity to promote animal awareness and appreciation. Our 2024 Animal Holiday calendar is loaded with over 300 animal and conservation holidays and also has lots of cool animal facts. The entire calendar is illustrated by Peppermint Narwhal. 

Our 12-Month Calendars (January-December 2024) are approximately 12" x 12" closed, 12" x 24" open and are ready to hang on your wall.

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