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What is the Animal of the Month?

Our "Animal of the Month" is the star of our themed boxes, an endangered species with focus of driving conservation donations for that species. A new Animal is chosen each month!

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Through edZOOcation, our subscribers have made a remarkable impact, with over $44,000 donated to wildlife conservation and related areas. Join us in our mission to protect endangered species, support zoos, and inspire the next generation of conservationists .

Founded by a REAL-LIFE

Zoologist Mom

Zoologist Mom

Owner Jenny Curtis has had a passion for animals her entire life and has always been on the forefront of exotic animal care. She has worked with veterinarians, zoos and education/conservation companies. She attended Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program/America’s Teaching Zoo and also taught there as faculty and staff. She started and ran an exotic animal education company and rescue in Central Florida, where they rescued and re-homed over 250 exotic animals (mostly from the illegal pet trade or domestic animal hoarding cases).

B.S. Organismal Biology

A.S. Exotic Animal Care & Mngmt

A.S. Wildlife Education

A.S. Animal Behavior Mngmt

B.S. Organismal Biology

A.S. Wildlife Education

A.S. Exotic Animal Care & Mngmt

A.S. Animal Behavior Mngmt

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Watch as they go through our previous lion edZOOcation box filled with all kinds of lion goodies that encourage active pretend play.

Watch How She LOVES the Owl Box

Your little explorer will receive their very own binder with an animal fact card, report card, and recipe or craft instructions. They will learn science concepts like habitats, ecosystems, adaptations, and animal life cycles.


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